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    Artesanias Urregui Sl tiene 26 años de antigüedad. La empresa Artesanias Urregui Sl ubicada en Calle Esteban Collantes - na ba, 52, MADRID, MADRID. Su actividad CNAE está definida como 2341 - Fabricación de artículos cerámicos de uso doméstico y ornamental. La forma jurídica de Artesanias Urregui Sl es Sociedad limitada. La empresa registra un total de ventas de Menor de 300 mil €. Si quiere conseguir más información sobre Artesanias Urregui Sl la encontrará en su web:

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  • Web:
  • Titulo: Artesanias Urregui S.L.
  • Descripción: Official online art gallery of Urregui. Urregui Sculptures offers a variety of sculptures, both classic and modern (contemporaneous, contemporary). The Urregui Sculptures production line is composed of two parts. Classic figures, lamps, mirrors, columns, clocks or table games form the set of decorative objects or interior design suitable for any house or hotel room. They are mainly reproductions of antiques of the best museums or antiquarios of Spain. The material used for the base of these pieces includes bronz, terracotta, resin, marble, calcite and graphite. The contemporaneous line represented by Duque, Guia, Arnoriaga, Toledano, Salgado, Delcura and Rodin is a set of sculptures that form limited editions. The sizes vary from 10cm to the size of the garden sculptures. Number of styles of art such as realism, cubism, impresionism, neofiguracion, expressionism,constructivism or surrealism are presented by these Spanish Artists. These styles remind us great artists of the past such as Miro, Picasso, Giacometti, Brancusi, Chillida, Julio Gonzalez, Lipchitz, braque, Gris, Antonio Lopez. Archipenco, etc.. The material used for most of the pieces is calcite, resin or graphite given later 1mm bath of bronz and for the finishes of contemporaneous pieces additionally given electrolytic baths to obtain oxidated rust, green or yellow. The reproduction of these pieces allows way larger number of public to purchase quality pieces of art for much lower costs than the originals. Each piece includes the certificate with the copyright number, photo and name of the author. One can find them in the best galleries and shops in the world.
  • Keywords: Gallery, lamps, mirrors, clocks, columns, table games, cases, exhibition, pictures, gifts, classic, figures, figurines, bronze, Urregui, Duque, limited Editions, Arnoriaga, Toledano, Mabel Salgado, Rodin, Fer. Delcura, editions, limited series, bronze cubism, cubista, collection, sculptures, sculptures of clay, sculptures of mud, wood sculptures, balance, Artesanias, decoration, inner design, interior design, garden, sculptures of garden, plinths, sculptoric figures of decoration, creations, moldings, molds, projects, antiques, art in decoration, screens, candelstick, candelabrum, scorce, chess, chess boards, artists, models, works of Art, terra-cotta, resin, realism, impresionismo, sculptures of children, vase, vases, fruit, drained sculptures, reproductions of sculptures, antique dealers, decoration of hotels, medal, orders of sculptures, reliefs, trophies, paintings, engravings, prizes, drawings, galleries
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Artesanias Urregui Sl ocupa la posición 258.940 en el Ranking de Empresas Nacional, la 41.705 en el ranking de empresas de MADRID, y el lugar 33 y el lugar en el ranking de su sector CNAE "Fabricación de artículos cerámicos de uso doméstico y ornamental".

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